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Why Rail?
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Why Rail

Cattle Industry benefits

Through our commitment to close consultation with pastoralists, graziers, trucking companies and processors – the key message from all sectors is that rail is still the best and most efficient mode of transport for cattle in Queensland.

Industry believes that cattle can travel much better on rail than road due to the more even pace, less stopping and starting and single decks as opposed to doubles.

At Cattle Train our focus is to ensure that, as a result of our extensive consultations, we have and will continue to provide greater opportunities for a more co-ordinated approach to rail and road transport livestock haulage.

This will result in regular and reliable scheduled train services that match the pre-planned mustering and trucking programs of the producers that operate under tight deadlines while improving animal welfare.

Community benefits

For road users throughout regional Queensland the increased use of rail will reduce the potential for conflict between heavy haulage vehicles and other road users, a reduction in road maintenance costs and the environmental benefit of few trucks making long-haul trips in regional roads.

Animal welfare benefits

Cattle Train is committed to maintaining the welfare of cattle from end to end, we have developed an animal welfare policy to ensure the best possible treatment of all cattle.